Pediatric Therapy Solutions Appreciation from Our Community

I remember so clearly the first time we walked into the building- the absolute peace that feel upon us as we sat in the waiting room while our kiddo was being evaluated. In all the doctors offices, therapy environments, and specialist offices we visited prior to coming to PTS, we never once felt peace- never once relaxed. I knew in that moment that this was our place. Thank you so so much for all that you do! It truly has meant the world to us!!

I met today with Danielle and I left in tears because I was SO happy to have found y'all. The Lord really works in the best ways. She is amazing, the facility is amazing, the location was AMAZING. NOTHING but great things to say. I can't wait to start this journey with all of you! Sincerely, a very tired but relieved momma!

Thank you so much for yet another perfect visit to PTS for the DTHS Allied Health students. The energy and excitement that you all share is inspirational and encouraging as our students navigate potential next steps in their medical careers. You guys were able to share your knowledge and experience in a perfect blend of ‘fun’ and ’informative’. We appreciate your dedication to our program and the community.

Love you and your videos. Perfect back drop… you exhibit a grateful heart!

Thank you for hosting this wonderful event! Such a great time ❤️ 🎄

PAL was the best thing we ever did! Such an amazing program! Grace misses it so much.

PAL is such a great program. My grandson has made amazing strides. And he loves it!

Wonderful people

I love our SLPs!!!!!!! ❤️

Wow! This is amazing! So proud of PTS! Danielle, I love you and all you do in your practice.

Wonderful group of ladies.

Thank you for what you do!

We love Ms. Katie! She is just the sweetest. Alice June talks about her all the time and can’t wait to go to “Ms. Katie’s house” (PT) every week! 🥰

We 🖤 Ms Katie!

We love Kaci! She was amazing with Jude!!

I’m so thankful for all y’all do❤️

We’re so thankful for you and your vision!

This is great! You help big people do big things too! I’ve taught lots of my adult patients your breathing strategies & it has helped many of them.

MNRI therapy with you guys has been incredibly helpful and vital part of my healing and recovery through mental health journey.

We love Ms. Jasmine!!

We loveeeee Jasmine!!!!! Sooooo extremely knowledgeable and super fun to work with!

Thank you so much for making a difference!! Especially for our little Reeves!!

Love these beautiful teachers and women. Thanks for all y’all do ❤️

Ella ❤️s Mrs Sharon!

Thank you Pediatric Therapy for everything you do for my baby boy. ❤️

I wish I could work there!!

THANK YOU, PTS! So sweet of you and we are so fortunate for all you’ve done for Carson.

if y’all would have been at career fair when i was in high school no doubt that’s what i would go into

Ms Bailey 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 the best of the best!

Everything looks great! I know and love my girls teachers ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

Thank y’all for all that you do! Reeves loves his school

She’s the best! My son, Wyatt, LOVES seeing Ms. Lauren for speech!

Best of the best 😍 (teachers)

Aweee!!! Miss Mrs. Jen!! Best of the best! And I'm sure her fellow coworkers too!

You posted a video about this years ago & I’ve used this with my home health patients ever since & currently use with my patients who are quitting smoking. It’s great!

Huge shout out to Mrs. Sharon!!! We absolutely love and adore her.

Wow, that is awesome! What an asset to your program! Kiddos win big time! ❤️ (Kris)

Kris is the bomb!!

Y’all got the GOAT!!! She’s amazing and she has a True heart for service and for children!! 🥰 (Kris)

Thank you for all that you do and for creating a safe place for our littles to thrive and grow to the best version of themselves! We are so so grateful for you! 💕

We appreciate yall!!

Angels 💕 (techs)

Thankful for all these awesome ladies!

So grateful to PTS therapists that have helped and are helping mine.

Y’all are the absolute BEST

Absolutely the best!!!

Parker sure does love coming here! We love PTS!

She’s the best !!!!

Blessed to have such a special person doing such an incredible work in our area!

Beautiful story❤️ thank all of you for being here and loving the children ❤️❤️

I have tears reading this! God has moved mountains through the hands and feet of Danielle❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

We see Mrs. Sharon also. It has truly been amazing what bracing and PT have done. My daughters biggest curve was 30 degrees. Her last xrays showed we were down to 13 degrees.

Mrs. Lauren has helped my son so much! His reading skills have improved tremendously!

Mrs. Lauren is the best! My son gets the privilege to meet with her weekly for speech therapy.

I have seen HUGE STRIDES with Dani from the little time she has spent there with you all. We both consider you all family!!! I cannot thank you enough!!!!!

We love Ms. Christina!

You are Amazing!! We love Mrs. Lauren!!

Mrs. Lauren is the best! My baby boy, Wyatt, loves speech time with her!

Kellen loves Mrs. Lauren!! ❤️

Lauren is the first person I had contact with when my grandson started at PTS. I was impressed and knew Reeves was on the best path. Thank you!

She's awesome! Atlas still asks me about his Mrs. Lauren😊

Lauren is one of the most patient, compassionate and caring individuals I know! Her patients are fortunate to work with her! 🥰 (Lauren H.)

So nice to see a former student and trackster making a difference in the lives of others! Way to go, Lauren. (Lauren H.)

Lauren is so kind and compassionate! She makes the world a better place! 💝 (Lauren H.)

What a great team💙

Mrs Jen is amazing! I thoroughly enjoy chatting with her after Kasen’s classes. She’s a wonderful addition to the team. So glad y’all found her!

Love these ladies!!! ❤️ (FOS)

Mrs Kaci is amazing! We love her so much!

An absolute gem! We love her kind heart 💜 (Kaci)

Thank you for ALL you do!!! My Briggs always enjoys his time with Ms. Kaci!!!💙

True knowledge of what you do, and this field NEEDED YOU, Kaci! Thank you for all of your time and patience!

I love Ms. Sarah. Thanks to all OT’s for their hard work & love for their patients !

We adore Ms. Sarah and all that she has done for our Landry!!! ♥️👏🏼 The best!

Danielle is class and humility, beauty and brains, and kindness and empathy. I am in awe of her and so proud to know her!

We love you!! Thank you for taking such great care of Jake!! (Christina)

We LOVE you!!! Such a great OT, so caring and patient (Kalan)

Absolutely amazing therapist. Kristine cares about the whole family!

Love her hunger for knowledge and true desire to grow and help us grow!! (Kristine)

We LOVE her so much. She is great. Thank you for all you do Kristine!!!

Ms. Kristine is the BEST!!!!!!!

Y’all are so amazing! Every day we pick up Kasen he has the biggest grin! We love knowing he’s so happy at PAL

One of the best OTs I know!! ❤️ (Leslie)

Amazing as they come! (Leslie)

We love Mrs. Jen!!!

I tell everyone that PTS is hands down my favorite therapy center we have ever been to!!! Danielle, you have the most amazing staff and environment ❤️

Best therapy in Ascension Parish!!!!

The lobby and waiting area feels like a spa.

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