Pediatric Therapy from years of experience and overcoming personal challenges

We are thrilled to offer outpatient therapy to the children of Ascension Parish and the surrounding areas! Hello! My name is Danielle Mixon, owner of Pediatric Therapy Solutions. For the past two decades, I have dedicated my life to helping children of all ages, as well as adults in various situations, overcome physical, mental and developmental difficulties with effective early interventions. This included the use of individualized therapy programs, one-on-one sessions and the very effective, life-changing Masgutova Method, or more formally known as the Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Integration Method.

Pediatric Therapy Solutions Group Photo

We work with children of all ages, from infant to adult, and provide a wide range of treatments for Autism, which is our specialty, ADHD, Scoliosis, Developmental Delays, Dyslexia, Behavioral and Reading Challenges, Anxiety, Social Skills and many more!

Being an occupational therapists in outpatient clinics as well as in the public school systems for years has given me extensive experience and practice in the field. However, being a parent of a child with developmental challenges not only gave me a fresh, new perspective but also drove me to look at the practice of therapy deeper. Going through and facing the same challenges the parents of the children I work with has greatly changed the way I practice therapy. I realize now more than ever that every child is truly unique and the difficulties they face require just as much attention in order for us to address each one of them effectively.

One method we use in particular is the Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration Method or MNRI. This method has changed my son's life. The MNRI treatment was like a window that brought him out of his world and into ours. The use of this method, combined with many other factors, helped him to overcome physical, emotional, and cognitive challenges. He is currently a happy, well adjusted child who makes good grades, has friends and is even in the GIFTED program!

If you feel like your child has potential that has not been unlocked, I encourage you to contact us to schedule an evaluation. Together with my team of extensively trained, dedicated and passionate therapists, as well as our wide range of individualized therapy programs, we can make your child’s potential shine bright!

From my own experience, I owe my son’s tremendous progress to the effective early intervention he underwent. And I strongly believe, we can do the same for your child!

unlocking each child's full potential through effective early interventions