FIT Class

(Focus Intervention Therapy)
Children can register even if they are not enrolled in our therapy program. Call us at (225) 744-1717 to get your child started today!

Fit Class

The FIT class is our signature class that is designed to improve attention and focus as well as other skills that are necessary to be successful in school. During our recent class assessments, 100% of children taking this class have shown improvements with their reading skills and in their ability to follow multi-step commands! Plus, it's FUN! This class is for children ages 6 and up.

Small Group Classes

We also offer other small group classes! Contact us below to get more information about this.

To register

Call or email us at (225) 744-1717 or

*Classes can be billed through Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. Direct pay options are also available. Kindly ask us for details.

This video demonstrates one of the visual motor exercises that we do in FIT class to work on improving visual motor skills, attention, focus, balance, etc. All of these skills are necessary to be successful in school.

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