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    in the (mnri) Masgutova Method

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Extensive Experience

100+ Years Combined

Our therapists have been providing pediatric therapy to Ascension Parish and surrounding areas for over two decades.  

Trained in MNRI Method

Trained In
MNRI Method

Extensively trained therapists in the Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration Method.  

Individualized Programs


Offering occupational, physical, speech and other therapies to children of all ages.

Dedicated Staff


Treating each child like our own with lots of passion, dedication and individualized attention during sessions.  

A Story Of Success, Progress and Happiness

The parents of this sweet patient gave us permission to share their list of progress that they have seen with their son over the past 6 months. They traveled to Louisiana for two weeks of intensive therapy at PTS.

  1. He now crawls correctly
  2. He can now feed himself with utensils
  3. He now communicates with gestures
  4. He babbles
  5. He uses his arms to catch himself when he falls
  6. He can concentrate for longer amounts of time
  7. He can sit without support
  8. He can climb
  9. He now gives hugs
  10. He can walk holding on to someone’s hand
  11. He can use a straw
  12. He can hold a crayon and make marks on paper
  13. Improved strength in his hands
  14. Removes a bib by himself
  15. Understands how to use the on and off button
  16. Assists with dressing by giving his arm or leg
  17. He can stand by himself holding on to something
  18. Follows some commands
  19. Grabs objects better with his hands
  20. Tries to put on socks
  21. Knows which part of the body all of his clothes go on
  22. He crosses his legs when sitting
  23. He can throw with more strength
  24. Improved biting, chewing and swallowing of foods

We are thrilled for our patient’s progress and look forward to seeing his continued achievements in the future!

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Owner of Pediatric Therapy Solutions Danielle Saunders Mixon

"It was through my personal experience with having a child with challenges, as well as seeing a growing need in our community, that lead me to decide to open Pediatric Therapy Solutions."

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